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Any Time Warranty


Honda believes that the most important factor in providing a product or service to its customers is unlimited joy of driving. To complement this ownership, Honda offers a unique Any Time warranty package that gives you Peace of Mind.

Any time Warranty is a unique program and introduced first time in Indian Automotive Industry. This program gives you a coverage of "1 Year / 20,000 Kms". The eligible criteria to get this program is Vehicle age < 7 Years (from policy start date) and Odometer reading < 1,00,000 Kms from new vehicle sale date.The best part of this program is that you can opt this program even after expiry of Standard Warranty / ExtendedWarranty.

Under the Any Time Warranty the dealer will repair or replace any part which proves to be defective within the limits of Any Time Warranty (Terms & Conditions applicable) at no charges to the customer for parts and labor.

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Honda dealer can exercise its discretion in selling Any Time Warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I buy the Extended Warranty?

  • The best time to buy the extended warranty is while buying your car. You can also buy your extended warranty later on, so long as the car is still under the new vehicle warranty. However, buying the plan later on implies a higher cost than when buying along with the new car.

  • When can I buy the Any Time Warranty?

  • This policy can be purchased 1 month before of expiry of existing Extended Warranty / Any Time Warranty or even after the expiry of warranty, provided that vehicle age should be within 7 Years / 1,00,000 Kms from new vehicle sale date. Honda dealer can exercise its discretion in selling Any Time Warranty.

  • Can I avail this facility at any of the Honda dealership?

  • The answer is YES. The best part of HondaCare Any Time Warranty program is that program is offered to you by the manufacturer i.e. Honda Car India Ltd. You are thus given the flexibility of being able to utilize any of the Honda Authorized Dealer Service facilities within the country.

  • What if I sell my car after having bought Any Time Warranty?

  • You have no reasons to worry. The HondaCare Any Time Warranty is freely transferable to the next owner of the car. In fact, you could get a better resale value for the car if it is maintained under the HondaCare Any Time Warranty program.

  • What should I do in case of a breakdown of failure?

  • You have to take your car along with your Any Time warranty document and new vehicle warranty booklet to your preferred Dealer.

  • What is included within the scope of my Any Time Warranty?

  • Any defects barring those mentioned in the Exclusive list of the stipulated warranty terms & conditions are liable to be repaired or replace. The owner will have to bear no cost for any part replacement or labor under the Any Time Warranty scheme. The decision of Honda Car India Ltd. or its Dealers would be final regarding the coverage of Any Time Warranty or any parts as per the terms & conditions contained in the Owners manual / Warranty Booklet / Any Time Warranty document.

  • What is the most important thing to do after signing the Honda Care Any Time Warranty?

  • You simply need to maintain your vehicle according to recommendations as outlined in Honda Owner’s manual, New vehicle warranty booklet and Any Time Warranty document. Proper maintenance of your Honda will help in increasing its reliability & longevity plus you will enjoy a more rewarding drive experience.

Price List

Customers "A" (Warranty In Continuation & Service Record OK)
Cost Head Vehicle age* in Years
3rd Yr 4th Yr 5th Yr 6th Yr 7th Yr
Brio Customer Price 4,150 4,839 5,622 6,512 7,506
Jazz P Customer Price 4,716 5,458 6,292 7,287 8,383
Jazz D Customer Price 5,426 6,256 7,193 8,307 9,537
Amaze P Customer Price 5,430 6,315 7,312 8,399 9,695
Amaze D Customer Price 5,683 6,577 7,589 8,717 10,104
City P Customer Price 6,036 7,046 8,174 9,449 10,921
City D Customer Price 6,945 8,076 9,345 10,771 12,425
Civic Customer Price 8,020 9,505 10,850 12,509 14,227
Customers "B" (Break In Warranty or Improper SVC Records)
Cost Head Vehicle age* in Years
3rd Yr 4th Yr 5th Yr 6th Yr 7th Yr
Brio Customer Price 4,755 5,510 6,369 7,345 8,435
Jazz P Customer Price 5,322 6,134 7,049 8,140 9,342
Jazz D Customer Price 6,002 6,922 7,910 9,108 10,429
Amaze P Customer Price 6,112 7,097 8,195 9,374 10,811
Amaze D Customer Price 6,692 7,658 8,765 9,984 11,472
City P Customer Price 6,914 8,020 9,259 10,655 12,268
City D Customer Price 7,797 9,050 10,390 11,922 13,696
Civic Customer Price 9,211 10,838 12,313 14,134 16,019
Accord Customer Price 10,403 12,021 13,713 15,738 17,630
CRV Customer Price 11,734 13,399 15,328 17,369 19,754

Terms & Conditions

Any Time Warranty Registration # DD0022014XXXX

Vehicle bearing VIN "MAKGD852ABNXXXXXX" is covered under Honda Any Time Warranty scheme valid upto 6-Dec-14 or 88,000 Kms (from new vehicle sale) whichever occurs first.

Congratulations and thank you for opting the HondaCare Any Time Warranty for your Honda. The HondaCare Any Time Warranty is designed to bring an extra measure of security and comfort to your being a Honda owner.

The Any Time Warranty allows you the confidence of knowing that your Honda is still protected by a comprehensive warranty after the original warranty expires.

The Terms & Conditions of this Any Time Warranty are not the same as original warranty. So please take a little time to read the following Term & conditions carefully. Kindly retain this document along with your original vehicle warranty booklet and owners manual. It is advised that these records stay with your car at all times as these will be required for information by yourself, your servicing dealer and any subsequent owner. Whenever it comes to your servicing needs or in the event of any unfortunate breakdown or in case of any of your queries or doubts, your preferred / nearest Honda Authorised Dealer will be more than pleased to assist you.

The HondaCare Any Time Warranty is backed by Honda Cars India Ltd. and will be honoured by all Honda Authorised Dealers in India.

Happy Motoring!


The HondaCare Any Time Warranty is an exclusive program offered by Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL). Under this scheme Honda Authorized Dealer will repair or replace any part which proves defective within the limit of the HondaCare Any Time Warranty, under normal use and maintenance, subject to the terms & conditions of Any Time Warranty.

Incase there is any unexpired period still left of previous Extended Warranty / Any Time Warranty program then same would be govern by the previous policy program term & condition. To qualify for this warranty, the car must have undergone all the services after buying Any Time Warranty policy as per the service guidelines in the new vehicle warranty booklet with a proper record in the service history log. All warranty repairs must be performed by Honda Authorized Dealer only.

If any defect is confirmed by the Dealer during this warranty period as per the stipulated warranty terms and conditions, except for points mentioned in "Limitations", Dealer will repair or replace any part found to be defective, with a new part or an equivalent at no cost to the owner for parts or labour. On observation of any fault, the vehicle will be presented immediately at Dealer for diagnosis so that it does not lead to consequential damages or risk.

The decision of Honda Cars India Ltd. Or its dealers would be final regarding the cover of Any Time Warranty on any parts as per the terms and conditions listed below

All defective parts replaced under this warranty will become the property of HCIL.

Anytime Warranty - Terms & Conditions

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